Why Managed Services Make Sense with Internal IT Teams

One of the questions that is always interesting to hear is “I have an internal IT team, what more can a MSP like Orion do for me?” While this is a valid question, managed services can provide internal IT teams a variety of different types of support that they might otherwise struggle to provide a business.


Reasons Why Managed Services Make Sense with Internal IT Teams


Free-up Internal IT Staff to Focus on Big Picture

If your internal IT team is too bogged down with day-to-day maintenance of your technology, they are likely not left with another time to focus on big picture items. Taking routine administrative tasks off of their hands allows them to focus on new systems that could be beneficial and provide more value to your organization.

Broaden Range of Available IT Skill-set

There are a lot of components that go into a business technology environment. Finding a person with the right breadth and depth of various skills can be extremely challenging. A typical business needs someone who can support networks, help maintain individual machines, and manage wireless, mobile, and VoIP technologies. Managed services make sense for companies with internal IT teams who have some of these tasks covered, but maybe not all of them. This provides you with the right expertise you need to keep all of your systems operational.

24/7 Support Availability

We have all had the feeling that everything with your technology goes wrong the week your IT Manager is on a cruise with no cell reception or Wi-Fi access. Managed services make sense for companies with internal IT teams because they alleviate the need to rely on one person/team’s availability to deal with an issue. Additionally, many managed services providers offer 24/7 support of your technology. This removes the concern that an employee working very late on a project will be effected by a technology issue because the IT staff has gone home for the day.

Bottom Line – Increased Efficiency at a Fraction of the Cost

Regardless of the which benefit companies receive from supplementing their internal IT teams, one thing is clear: your IT support will increase in how effectively they can support your organization. Outsourcing these responsibilities to a managed services provider provides you with increased efficiency at a fraction of what it would cost to bring those resources in-house.

The reasons why managed services make sense for companies with internal IT teams may have surprised you. If you would like to learn more about managed services and how they can help your company, contact our team today.

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