What’s New with Office 365’s Outlook Web App

Much of the hype coming out of the Microsoft press engine the past few months has been focused on Windows 10. However, with much of the world returning back to business-as-usual, we wanted to shed some light on new features in Outlook that you may have missed.

Whats_New_With_Office_365_Outlook_web_appIt is pretty common knowledge that email is the main method of corporate communication. Yet for all it’s uses, many of us only use a small handful of features that are available. Our Office 365 experts work with clients every day on their Outlook needs, and many of them don’t know how much they could be getting out of this powerful tool. In this blog post, we wanted to cover some of the things that you may not have known you could do with the Outlook Web app that is available to Office 365 users.

What’s New with Office 365’s Outlook – What you Didn’t Know You Could do

Mute Reply All Conversations

Do you get annoyed with someone in your organization sends an email to everyone in the company and then all of a sudden 15 or 20 people start using the “Reply All” button? Well, you don’ t have to live with that problem anymore. Office 365 has an “Ignore” button that will remove all messages related to a conversation.

Teach your Inbox to Get Rid of the Clutter by Itself

We have mentioned Microsoft Clutter before, however with all the spam mail that exists it is worth mentioning again. This handy little feature will use data in order to calculate which emails you do not need in your immediate inbox.

Increase how Efficiently you Handle the Emails in Your Inbox

Several new tools have been added to the Office 365 web app that help you stay on top of your mailbox. These features include:

Pin – “Pinned” messages will be highlighted in yellow and stay at the top of your inbox

Sweep – Have quick access to a set of actions that helps you manage emails from a specific sender. These options include delete, keep only the latest message and others.

Undo – This dedicated undo button allows you to quickly reverse unintended actions.

Image Courtesy of Office 365 Blog Post

Image Courtesy of Office 365 Blog Post


Add a Signature to an Email

Don’t waste anymore time printing a document, signing it, scanning it, and then emailing it to the intended recipient. Outlook has a DocuSign add-in that will let you apply signatures digitally within the web app itself. Not only that, but the add-in can help you get signatures from coworkers when needed.

Be Reminded that you Forgot your Attachment

While this feature has been around since Outlook 2013, many users are still unaware that it exists. Essentially, this feature looks for words or sequences of words like “see attached” or “enclosed” and reminds you before you send an email if you do not add an attachment. This will work to help you from having to send those “Oops, meant to attach this in the last message” emails, and help you remember the first time around. While the feature can be controlled on the group policy level by an administrator, it is generally able to be enabled or disabled under the File > Options menu.

Reply to Emails without Opening Them

Office 365 for business provides users with the ability to reply to an email without having to open each individual email. This reply in-line feature saves significant amounts of time as users can quickly move through their emails that require only a “yes” or “no” type of response.

Add Tasks to Outlook Calendar from OneNote

OneNote and Outlook have a smooth integration that allows them to compliment each other in a much more seamless fashion than many other Office products. the OneNote Add in for Outlook picks up on many of the project management features that Tasks has previously fallen short on, such as assigning to do lists to a specific date and time. The great thing about integrating this within the Outlook calendar is that you can also give yourself email reminders about these tasks, making it easier for you to stay on top of your workload.

One-Click Archiving

Recent updates to Office 365 have shown an increased importance placed on compliance requirements across the board, from SharePoint to OneNote. While you company’s administrator will dictate the requirements for how often automatic archiving should occur, you can manually archive any email, group, or conversation just by clicking the “Mark/Archive” button.

Catch a Cab with the Uber Ride Reminder

Microsoft first talked about the partner add-ins earlier this year at Build. And since that time, Uber has been one of the first that has been talked about. So, what does this add in do exactly? Well, for one, you can now schedule an Uber reminder that is tied to an event in your Outlook calendar. When the notification pops up, simply swipe the email and confirm your Uber ride. This means that you can coordinate your transportation for conferences, meetings, or other events ahead of time and be sent a reminder that a car will be on its way.

Image Courtesy of Office 365 Blog Post

Image Courtesy of Office 365 Blog Post


Transfer Money in PayPal From your Email

The PayPal add-in also has some exciting potential as you can now pay bills and transfer money from your email account. This opens up possibilities ranging from helping a friend split the dinner bill, to setting a reminder about a family member’s birthday and sending them money, all straight from your email account.

Image Courtesy of Office 365 Blog Post

Image Courtesy of Office 365 Blog Post


Schedule Emails to be Sent at the Perfect Time

The Boomerang add-in for the Outlook Web App allows you to automate various scheduling-related activities in your inbox. These activities like scheduling when to send an email, reminding you when you don’t get a response, and meeting scheduling help you stay connected in real-time.


Image Courtesy of Office 365 Blog Post

There are many more features available in the Outlook Web App for Office 365. Contact us to learn how we can help you use your Office more efficiently.

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