What Makes Great Customer Service

RaileyI believe is that in order for a managed services provider like Orion to succeed, we have to have more than good technology and knowledgeable technicians. At the core, customers are also going to remember how they are treated and the quality of service that they experience. At Orion, we call this this our “white glove service.” By that we mean that exceeding client expectations is a requirement. So the question then becomes exactly what makes great customer service?

In order for a concept like this to take hold in an organization, it has to be more than a written out process for employees to check off the list with each client that calls the service desk. It has to be a core understanding of how to go above and beyond client expectations. In this blog post, I am going to outline some of the core aspects of customer service that I feel make some companies stand apart from the rest.

My List – What Makes Great Customer Service

What_Makes_Great_Customer_ServiceAttention to detail 

Take the time to review each request thoroughly so that no sub-parts or side steps are looked over. The client should feel like calling technical support will result in a speedy solution that wont have them trying to re-fix the same problem 3 or 4 times because a technician was in a hurry.

Don’t Make Customers Wait for an Answer

This one is vital. In fact, one survey conducted reported that 69% of respondents defined good customer service as “receiving a quick resolution to a specific problem or issue.” Rapid response to a client’s issue lets them know that you are a priority in their day, and will make them more confident that you care about the overall outcome.

Ability to Communicate Effectively

Above all things, communicate with professionalism when assisting clients. Writing with poor grammar, or the inability to speak clearly over the phone, can instill a lack of confidence in your ability to get the job done.


No one likes having technical issues at work. Your client should have no question that you understand this inconvenience. If you can put yourself in the client’s shoes and understand the situation from their perspective, it will help form the necessary approach to achieve the desired goal. Empathy can also help predict behavior; if you know the impact on your client due to the current issue, you can reassure them proactively and help boost their confidence in your ability to perform to expectations.


Follow through and follow up. Take the time to ensure the required tasks are being pushed forward and the client is kept informed. Sometimes, you may not even be the one pushing the buttons. But safe is better than sorry when the alternative is a ticket being ignored because no one knew who was responsible for its completion.

Passion for your Craft

The more interest you show in your field, and the more time you place towards staying current with changes in your environment, the better prepared you will be for the future. Also, the enjoyment you have in your profession will bleed through into the conversations with customers.


If you say you will do something, following through on that is critical to the client having faith to ask for things in the future. Customers need a “go-to guy.” If you’re not that guy, they will find somebody else they deem reliable.

We understand, not everyone is going to agree on what makes great customer service. All in all, great customer service will increase your client’s satisfaction with your services. Different approaches can certainly be taken, as long as the end result is the same.

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