Top Blog Posts from August

It’s month end! Here at Orion that means we take a moment to show you some of our top blog posts from the last month.

Here are the top blog posts from August

Why Managed Services Make Sense with Internal IT Teams

One of the misconceptions about managed services is that the value they provide doesn’t add value if your company already has internal IT Staff. In this blog post, we walk through this misconception and show you how managed services can add significant value to companies with internal IT teams.

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The Digital Age and Privacy

In this blog post, we walk through how difficult it has become to maintain privacy in a world that is dominated by social media. This blog posts walk through Facebook’s facial recognition system that auto-tags users who are in photos taken by friends or family members.

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Tech Upgrades for SMBs that Improve Employee Morale

Maintaining technology that is up-to-date can be a difficult struggle for a small business that operates on a tight budget. In today’s world, technology plays a significant role in how happy employees are with their job. In this blog post, we outlined some creative tech upgrades that can also help you improve employee morale within your organization.

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Why You Need Business-Grade File Sharing

It is very easy to think that your business can save a few dollars by allowing free versions of file sharing systems to be used within your organization. However, many of these free solutions do not have the capabilities that are needed to keep your organization secure. In this blog post, we walk through why you need to invest in business-grade file sharing.

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Tech Upgrades 2015: What you Missed this Summer

As many of us are getting back in the swing of things with school, schedules, and work, it is important to take time to look at what happened while we were all away this summer. Several technology updates and releases took over the news, and you should know how this will affect your computer. Check out this blog for a full list of what all you missed this summer.

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