Tips for Choosing the Right Network Monitoring Solution for your Business

Regardless of your company size, location, or industry-focus, one thing is certain: in today’s world you need a high-performing network to support your business activity. In a world where very few employees stop working everyday right at the close of business hours, 24/7 Network monitoring is a requirement in order to ensure that your network is performing as expected. Network monitoring solutions provide an alternative to manually tracking all of your servers, switches, routers, and blades. Yet, choosing the right network monitoring solution for your business can get tricky.

In order to understand how to select a network monitoring solution, you must understand the different factors and criteria that should be taken into consideration. In this blog post, we will go over various tips for choosing the right network monitoring solution so that your business can run off of a seamless, high-performing infrastructure system.

Choosing_The_Right_Network_Monitoring_SolutionTips for Choosing the Right Network Monitoring Solution for your Business

Know What After-hours Support Requirements Need to be Considered

After-hours support models have grown significantly in recent years. Before choosing the right network monitoring solution for your company, you need to understand what after-hour support will look like for your company.

Ask about the Solution’s Reporting Capabilities

A good network monitoring solution will be able to provide user-friendly reporting around information that is critical to the performance to your network. This information can include a variety of factors, including: availability, bandwidth, security reporting, traffic data, and network performance. Different network monitoring solutions have a variety of methods of displaying this information. These differences cover how often the report is available and how the information is displayed. We recommend choosing a network monitoring solution that comes with a Client Portal that is available 24/7, so that you can access this information when it is convenient for you.

Understand What Processes Exist in the Event of a Security Incident

Before choosing a network monitoring solution for your business, you must understand the processes for how security incidents on your network will be handled. Incident response should be considered from a variety of perspectives, including method of notification and any guaranteed response times that will allow your team to be able to remediate the incident as soon as possible.

Is the Solution Flexible?

This consideration points to three very important factors – integration, customizability and scalability.

By having a network monitoring solution that is able to be integrated with other systems you can successfully monitor any solution or system within your network. Ensuring that your system can integrate with a variety of solutions will provide you a holistic view of your entire network, making it more efficient to support.

Deciding whether or not the solution can be customized to your business processes and workflows should also strongly impact your decision making. Usability is a key factor in the success of any IT solution. By having your network monitoring solution tailored and worked into your existing business processes, you will be able to get network data in context with how your business operates.

The last thing we recommend you define before choosing a network monitoring solution is scalability. A scalable network monitoring solution will ensure that you are able to handle your current IT infrastructure, as well as future needs if your business were to grow.

Understand the Size and Availability of your Internal IT Resources

The last thing that we STRONGLY recommend that you consider when choosing the right network monitoring solution for your company is the ability of your internal IT resources to effectively handle any work generated by the solution. This includes any manual monitoring that needs to be done, report generation, incident triaging, and a variety of other activities. If you are concerned about the ability of your team to handle the workload, consider partnering with a managed services firm who can support your network monitoring.

These tips should help you when you are choosing the right network monitoring solution for your business. Interested in learning more about network support options? Contact our experts today to learn more.

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