Simplifying IT Security: Should we look to the Cloud?

The economy is picking up and business is growing again. If you’re adding workers and buying new computers, you may be using whatever consumer-grade PC security solution or antivirus software is pre-installed on those new PCs. Consumer-grade security solutions are not built to be able to secure a business. They simply don’t have what it takes. After all, that is not what they are meant to do. Yet, many enterprise-grade solutions are so complex that they require extensive IT training that is only applicable to a certain product, and many of them don’t have the flexible capabilities to cover the Internet of Things and mobile devices which are increasingly making their way into our business worlds.

Simplifying_IT_SecurityThe fact of the matter is that most enterprise-grade solutions are designed with the massive companies of the world in mind. You know who I’m talking about. That company of 5,000 with an IT department that is bigger than your entire company? Yeah, those guys. Companies like that, who buy software licenses by the hundreds, are what security software engineers gear their products towards. However, for the smaller organizations, the level of complexity involved in these systems is simply overwhelming.

So, how do SMBs find a solution that is secure enough to protect their business, but wont require so much work to use that it drives their IT person crazy?

Keys to Simplifying IT Security

Sophos wrote a whitepaper a while back in which they identified the seven keys for identifying the right-sized security solution. They identified them as:

  • Simplification of Security Management
  • Ability to Stop the Latest Threats Without Slowing Users Down
  • Focus on the User, Not the Machine
  • Solution can Easily be Managed or Co-managed
  • Ability to Cover range of Devices, Including Mobile
  • Ability to Evolve to Stay Ahead of Cyber Criminals


These requirements undoubtedly have merit. Each of them are critical components in delivering a security solution that does its job without taking over the job of someone at your company. After all, you have more important things to do. So, the question then becomes “what kind of solution can provide these benefits and won’t eat up half of my budget?”

Security in the Cloud: One Size Fits All

Looking to the cloud for a security solution that is flexible and able to be scaled up or down makes perfect sense. In fact, this slow transition to the way that most types of software license delivery has been seen in more than just security. This transition has been across the board. A cloud-based delivery model in the world of information security provides a unique advantage. Not only can you improve user experience, reduce costs, and receive the same benefits that have become synonymous with Cloud Computing, you can also reduce the overall complexity of information security.

Sophos_Cloud_Screenshot_AThis is exactly what we have seen with the latest release of Sophos Cloud. Sophos Cloud offers the same Sophos protection that businesses know and trust in an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage cloud service. The per-user licensing model provides a sensible way to secure both company-owned and employee-owned devices. The modular design of Sophos Cloud allows you to pay for only what you need and add capabilities when you are ready. It comes with comprehensive security features, including:

  • Unified Security Management
  • User-Centric Management, Reporting, and Licensing
  • Pre-Configured Settings
  • Built-in Web Security Filtering
  • Coordinated Web Content Filtering Policy
  • Quick Deployment and Maintenance-free, With No Server to Set up


Sophos_Cloud_Screenshot_BThese features allow for you to have complete security coverage without compromising your time, sanity, or limited resources.

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