Signs You Have Outgrown Your IT Support

Whether you are looking for a different business partner, or your internal team is no longer able to keep up, the questions when considering changing your IT support can be daunting. Still, if your current IT support is not able to keep up with your business demands, then your business will suffer. For people who are not technology specialists, some of the signs that your IT support can no longer keep up may not be as easy to decipher as you would think. In this blog post, we are going to cover the 12 signs that you have outgrown your IT support and should consider looking for a more robust solution.

Outgrown_your_IT_SupportSigns you Have Outgrown Your IT Support Partner

Your Technology is Broken More than it is Working Properly

Is your technology broken more than it is fixed? Having constant technology problems is a key indicator that you have outgrown your IT support. It indicates that your current IT support is not able to keep up with the number of issues that are occurring.


You Have to Deal with the Same Problem Multiple Times  

If you’re dealing with email complications for the third time this month, it is time to consider that you have outgrown your current IT support. When issues occur, your technology support should be able to not only fix the problem, but also provide you with a method of preventing it from happening in the future.

The Level of User Complaints Has Grown Dramatically

Employee complaints are always going to be a component of business technology support. However, if the number of issues that are occurring across the organization is leading users to look for other ways of working outside of the system, you could have a serious security problem on your hand.

Too Many Business Processes are Having to be Completed Outside of the System

It is not uncommon to see small instances across organizations where external solutions are being used to aid in business processes. However, if you are conducting entire processes such as billing, month-end reporting, or quoting outside of your system, this is a red flag. Not having basic business requirements supported is a definite sign that you have outgrown your current IT support, and a sign you should re-evaluate your business needs.

You Require a National Forrest’s Worth of Paper to Operate  

Without a doubt, there are some processes that still require paper. But are you printing off your work and showing up to business meetings or conferences with file folders and paper documents while your competitors are showing up with tablets? Cloud-based File Sharing is very commonplace now. However, many industries controlled by strict compliance regulations, setting up a Dropbox account simply does not provide the security they require. Not having answers around cloud and mobile support is a definite sign that you have outgrown your current IT Support.

You Cannot Respond to Requests for Information from Partners or Customers in their Preferred Format and Timeframe

If you are not able to work on your documents with other members of your team in a timely fashion, you are not operating efficiently.

Your Technology is not Aligned to Business Goals

Every business is different, and the technology to support each company must also be different. Out-of-the-box solutions are often unable to provide support that is specific to your core business functions. Is your current IT support providing you with options that are centered around your specific industry and business needs? If not, you might consider functionalities that you wish to be supported and learn how other IT support options can help you.

Your Technology is not Up-to-Date  

A technology support solution that is not operating on up-to-date technology systems is one of the clearest signs you may have outgrown your IT Support. Can your current IT support help you answer questions about mobile device management? Are any of your systems not running the most up-to-date versions of software? If they cannot answer these questions, it is time to find a partner who can.

Your Current IT Support is not Focused on Securing your IT Infrastructure 

Today’s world requires an intense understanding and prioritization of information technology security. This is true for any company in any industry. If your current IT support cannot tell you what they are doing to keep your organization’s data secure on an on-going basis, it is time to find other solutions.

Your Current IT Support Does not Perform Disaster Recovery Tests on your IT 

Making sure that your organization can handle any disaster that comes your way is critical to survival in today’s business world. So, is the best time to find out if your data backups and images will actually work after a disaster has occurred? No.

Your Current IT Support does not Provide Support for non-Business Hours 

Business never sleeps. Neither should your IT support. Make sure that your IT support is available 24/7. That way your productivity wont be hindered to regular business hours.

You Don’t Know What you are Paying For

Another sign you have outgrown your current IT support is if you are constantly putting more and more money at the solution with little-to-no improvements to show for it. You should have a clear understanding of where the money needed to support your system is going, and what benefits will be expected out of each investment.

If you are experiencing these issues, it might be time to realize you need a different IT support solution than what you are currently using. If you don’t know where to start, don’t panic. 

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