Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your Server Maintenance & Support

In the past several years, cloud computing services have seemed to take over the hardware and IT infrastructure scene. However, for many companies, keeping servers in house is the direction they wish to proceed. Regardless of the reasoning behind the decision, maintaining servers in house requires a lot of time and technical experience to maintain effectiveness.

Time_to_Outsource_Your_Server_MaintenanceSigns It’s Time to Outsource Your Server Maintenance


Technology Can’t Keep up with the Business  

Struggling to keep up with technology changes is a common complaint we hear from business owners, especially small business owners. When you are dealing with your servers, you need to understand the state that they are currently in, and when changes or upgrades are in the best interest of your organization. Bringing in a firm who that specializes in CIO Services can work with you to develop a comprehensive IT Roadmap that will help you understand whether or not your current servers are meeting your business needs.

Constant Performance and Stability Issues  

If you are constantly dealing with server performance issues, it is probably time to outsource your server maintenance. Maintaining a server can require some very deep technical expertise. When issues are constantly occurring and the same issues are happening again and again, the current IT support may not have the technical experience needed to really address the problem.

Concern for Scalability

Setting up or migrating a server is not something that is quickly done. If you are unaware of whether or not your servers can support your current and future needs, you should start putting together a plan of action. Server scalability requires diligent planning and thought be taken into consideration. If you are having trouble optimizing your servers for long-term goals, it might be time to outsource your server maintenance. 

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Servers_on_StrikeCurrent IT Support Can’t Keep Up

If your IT support is drowning in other issues, or maintaining your system is not their primary job function, regular maintenance activities can easily be pushed aside. If you have to even pause and think about whether or not your servers are patched and updated, you need to outsource your server maintenance. Patches and updates provide a critical component of security for your information technology system, as they are an easy target that hackers often exploit in order to compromise systems.

The Cost of Maintaining your Servers is Unpredictable

When your systems are not maintained regularly, and an issue does occur, you could be hit with a really expensive bill that you were not expecting. When you outsource your server maintenance and support, you replace that headache with one, consistent monthly bill. This helps you protect your bottom line while also increasing the reliability of your technology.


If you are considering whether or not your servers are operating as they should, contact our experts today! Our team can come in and perform an IT Assessment that will provide you with key insight into how your servers are performing.

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