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Managed SIEM as a Service

Isn’t it time that you get the transparency you need to understand your security posture? Orion’s Managed SIEM as a Service accomplishes exactly this. Our team will collect, filter, and correlate security events from firewalls, IPS, servers, applications, and virtually any critical asset in your environment.

  • Cloud-based Subscription Model with No Administration or Maintenance
  • Cross Device Correlation and Modeling of Critical Assets
  • Customized Event Thresholds, Use Cases, and Correlation Rules
  • Access to Orion Client Portal with Easy-to-Use Dashboards and Reports

Benefits of Orion’s Managed SIEM as a Service

Proactive Threat Detection

Comply With Legal Regulations

Maximum Uptime and Reliability

Around the Clock Confidence

Have You Already Been Compromised?

Our Managed SIEM as a Service offering identifies vulnerabilities and attacks on your IT infrastructure so that they can be selectively eliminated as quickly as possible. Through our proprietary client portal, you can see data about the state of your devices around the clock. Our team will monitor and alert you to any changes, and you can know immediately when something goes wrong, and work to quickly remediate any incident.

Views From Orion’s Customer Portal


of cases show that it takes attackers minutes or less to compromise systems while organizations take weeks  or more to discover the breach.

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