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You Manage Your Business. Let Us Manage Your Security

We get it. With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, and new security threats emerging every day, it is easy to feel like you can’t keep up with information security requirements. And headline-grabbing security breaches are keeping the catastrophic cost of compromised network infrastructure in the front of every business executive’s mind.

Through our IT Security Services, Orion employs best-in-class principles to build a comprehensive plan for your business encompassing cyber security, mobile protection, and cloud backup and recovery. Our Managed IT Security Services team members work in conjunction with our overall Managed Services team to ensure that all aspects of your technical security are constantly monitored and available.

Benefits of Orion’s Managed IT Security Offerings

Certified, Seasoned IT professionals at a fraction of the cost of In-House Security Support.

Manage and Process Security Logs

Minimize Vulnerabilities through consistent system hardening and patching

24/7 Monitoring of Your Networks for Intrusions and Intrusion Attempts. 

Our Managed IT Security Services

Don’t Wait For a Security Breach to Happen to Protect Your Data

Bottom line: You cannot afford to not care about the security of your company’s data. So what are you waiting for? Our experts can quickly assess the IT threats your business is exposed to and provide you with the most logical and affordable security solution for your business. Contact us today to learn how managed it security services can protect your organization from risk. 

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