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Managed Penetration Testing

Managed Penetration Testing

High-profile security breaches are the new norm. Yet, many organizations are relying on traditional assessments alone to identify their weaknesses.  Our Managed Penetration Testing services provide you with a controlled simulation of an actual system intrusion, giving you extended insight into your system vulnerabilities. Our white hat hackers help you to:

  • Stealthily scan and discover critical data flaws and vulnerabilities
  • Test your current security defenses and alerting infrastructure
  • Evaluate vulnerabilities in relation to business processes

Benefits of Managed Penetration Testing

Receive Actionable Reports with Prioritized Recommendations

Satisfy compliance needs, including PCI 3.x, FFIEC, HIPAA

Better understand full security posture including your response and detection capabilities.

Get access to Orion’s certified security testing experts to gain collective experience

Our Managed Penetration Testing Services

Our penetration testing includes external and internal network, wireless, web applications and mobile computing environment. We simulate how a skilled attacker would gain access to your systems, network and sensitive data. We have learned through experience that no single toolset can catch all vulnerabilities so we use multiple sophisticated tools to perform comprehensive testing. That is why our Managed Penetration Testing services are built around a combination of both automated and manual tools.

Orion also uses its own reporting methodology to ensure that findings are reported properly with respect to correcting any shortcomings. We correlate the data between various findings so that you can better understand how each vulnerability relates not to some theoretical report, but your own business processes. Our engineers explain each finding in detail, and provide a recommended path for remediation that is prioritized on your business processes and criticality of vulnerabilities.

Tiered Pricing & Packages Available Starting at $9,500

Managed Penetration Testing
  • APT Management

  • Detailed Report of Findings

  • Network Vulnerability Exploitation

  • Password Integrity Assessment

  • Remediation Roadmapping

  • Simulated Forced Entry & DDOS Attempts

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