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Log Monitoring & Management

Log Monitoring & Management

The pressure placed on organizations to protect information is increasing. However, the increase in pressure has not lead to this becoming easier. Actually, it is becoming increasingly difficult. Thousands of security threats cross your network every day. When you outsource your Log Monitoring & Management to Orion, you get:

  • Aggregated look at millions of logs generated by thousands of devices on your network
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance using fewer resources and streamlined processes

Benefits of Log Monitoring and Management Support

Fast detection of network outages and protocol failures

Fast detection of failed processes & services

Privileged-user monitoring & audit reporting

Log Retention for All Devices and Endpoints

Our Log Monitoring and Management Services

Security event log monitoring and management is critical to ensuring and understanding your security. It is also now a requirement for industry compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOX. Orion’s Managed SIEM Solution delivers security event log monitoring and management as a service. Our experts correlate and analyze your event logs across virtually any technology or information asset. Our log monitoring and management services help clients to weed through system and audit logs quickly and cost effectively. This leaves only relevant records for them to analyze and retain.

Our event log monitoring and management services are supported by our deeply-skilled experts at our Network Operations Center. This integration allows for our team to have access to your security event logs 24/7. When an incident does occur, they are able to respond quickly and effectively. Our goal is to lower the overall burden of event log monitoring and management, so our clients can experience an improved overall security posture without the headaches.

Log Monitoring and Management
  • Asset Classification & Analysis

  • Built-in Reporting

  • Event Correlation

  • File Integrity Monitoring

  • Log Monitoring

  • Log Retention

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The Log Monitoring and Management Solution You’ve Been Looking For

At Orion, we approach our Managed Services agreements with precision and process. Our practices are built on industry best standards like ITIL so that each ticket, client, user, and device is approached methodically. This ensures that you are getting the best service each and every time.

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