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Identity and Access Mangement

When you have numerous employees, vendors, or customers trying to access your data and applications, it’s essential to keep it secure. With Orion’s Identity and Access Management Solution, you get:

  • Maintenance, and second-level, and third-level support services
  • Standardization of IAM operating processes
  • Efficient knowledge transfer from the projects to the IAM Managed Services

Benefits of Orion’s IAM Solution

Full Dependence Visibility Through Orion’s Client Portal

Greater Access Control and Enhanced Security

Greater Security for off-network users through Multi-Factor authentication

Turn IAM into a measurable, efficient asset for your company.

Our Managed IAM Support

Business are faced with increasing heterogeneous technologies, stricter compliance norms, and weak policies, Identity and Access Management can be a nightmare for companies who are not prepared to handle it properly. It’s a huge task administering, validating and keeping on top of it all. With Orion’s Managed IAM services, you can achieve this quickly and cost-effectively. Our services are supported through policies that we implement across your local, mobile, and cloud environments.

Our Identity and Access Management experts understand that you must be able to accomplish these needs while also demonstrating compliance with stringent industry and regulatory requirements. Our team members will work in coordination with our Regulatory Compliance experts to ensure your Identity and Access Management policies and controls are in-line with the desired standards.

  • Centralized Role Management

  • Directory Integration

  • Identity Lifecycle Management

  • Help Desk Support Services

  • User Account Creation

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Are you facing any of the other challenges? Download our ebook to find out what they are.

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