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Full-Range of Disaster Recovery Services Keeping You Assured That Your Systems and Your Business are Always On.

Orion’s Disaster Recovery services are designed to prevent that exact thing from happening to your company. Orion Disaster Recovery services work alongside our Business Continuity team to provide you with a holistic approach to improving reliability and security throughout your organization and insuring that, if the unthinkable happens, we will have your business back up and running with our scalable disaster recovery solutions.

When disaster strikes, every second that critical applications, systems, or even an entire site are down costs you money. Orion will create a customized solution based on your service level agreement to deliver the disaster recovery services you need to keep your business operational.


of Companies that Suffer a Major Data Loss are Out of Business Within Five Years, According to the US Department of Labor. 

Our Disaster Recovery Services

Have You Tested Your Plan Lately?

Regardless of how thorough your documentation is, until a Business Continuity plan is put in place, you only think it will work. You should test your DR plan regularly, as it should evolve as your business does. Coming up with testing exercises can be an overwhelming task. If you are dealing with these challenges, download our eBook: The Ultimate List of Disaster Recovery Testing Scenarios!

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