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Providing You With Stronger Security Policies. So You Can Have a Stronger Business.

A comprehensive IT security strategy is a critical component of the success of any business. With new techniques emerging constantly – defense practices have to be quick to adapt, and know what they are looking for. And some studies show that up to 80% of Businesses engage in security practices that no longer work.

At Orion, our approach to customer’s security concerns is demonstrated in our security framework. We base our work on the core principles of the CIA Triad: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Our security team is comprised of seasoned, certified professionals who work to create and document policies, IT architectures and workflows, and increase overall awareness of security needs within a client’s organization. They monitor devices around the clock to ensure that in the event of an incident, control and remediation practices are immediate.

The Better Way:

Orion Managed Security Services.

Tired of trying keep your business secure and having to front the total cost of in-house security options? There is a better way with Orion’s Managed Security Solution. Each of our managed security contracts go through intense scrutiny, so that it is ensured our client is getting the support that is best suited to their particular business needs.

With this solution, you get access to our certified experts and our Network Operations Center where we can proactively monitor, track, and update all of the devices on your network. Our Managed Security Solution works in conjunction with our Infrastructure Support team to actively protect your entire IT environment.

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of Businesses Don’t Know they Have Been Hacked Until They Are Told By Government Investigators. 

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