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Application Portfolio Rationalization

Application portfolio diversity, duplicity and the addition of new applications has generated an overwhelming need for patching, support and license maintenance for both IT and end users alike. Through Application Portfolio Rationalization, Orion can help you:

  • Improve smaller overall application footprint-with less energy, space and equipment
  • Assess existing IT assets to identify current applications

Benefits of Orion’s Application Portfolio Rationalization Services

Reduced IT support costs
Align IT Investments to Business Value
Improve business agility and responsiveness
Improve IT organizational effectiveness

Our Application Portfolio Rationalization Services

Applications have exploded into our worlds. Some studies estimate that most enterprises have around 500 applications implemented on their network. This places modern IT leaders in a position where they are forced to accelerate the rollout of new systems and technologies without compromising the performance of existing applications. All of this costs money. It is estimated that organizations that have been in business for just about a decade are likely to have hundreds of legacy applications and spend more than 75% of their IT budget on maintaining them.

Orion’s Application Portfolio Rationalization team provides in-depth analyzation that is geared towards exposing hidden inefficiencies and improvement opportunities within your system. Our experts will help you to identify, categorize, and rationalize your entire application portfolio. Through highlighting inefficiencies, our team will help you reduce overall IT cost and improve technical agility.

Application Portfolio Standardization

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Are you struggling with your application portfolio?

Do you even have an application strategy at all? At Orion, we understand that the explosion of web apps and free solutions, not to mention mobile and IoT device infiltration, has made it increasingly difficult for organizations to be able to fully control their data. That is why we have identified rogue applications as one of the top 15 IT challenges that businesses face. Don’t worry! Orion can help.

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