On the Night Before Your Presentation – A Gif Story

Twas the night before a major presentation and you and your coworkers are working late in the night trying to get everything ready.

Then all of a sudden your computer stops. You get a notification that your Harddrive has malfunctioned, and then it happens

You and your team calmly try to ascertain the cause of the problem,

while remembering that keeping a level head is critical.

So to the Internet you go. You desparately look for any information that can help you fix the problem.

When that doesnt work, you give a few other things a shot.

So, you finally give in. You have no choice. It is 2:00 am, and you have to call your tech support guy. He reacts much like you would expect..

In the meantime, your tech support guy calls you back. He asks you if it is possible that anything that wasn’t work related has been installed on the computer

You’re tech guy lets you know that it will be a while before he can restore your system and your data.

And that while he tries to restore your data, in the interest of time you might have luck with a 24/7 online service who can remotely troubleshoot issues

And tells you that in the future you should really start backing up your data before problems happen

You go down in the basement of the office and find some old systems you can use to get some of the work back.

you start feverishly working to see if you can make up even a small percentage of the work that you lost

The sun is coming up. None of you have gone to sleep. Everyone will be at work in a few short hours. You can’t give up now, you have almost got enough to get through the meeting.

Someone realizes that the presentation is in an hour and decides it is time to tell the boss. But you can’t have that

10 minutes before the presentation, the phone rings. It’s Tech Support, and your computer is fixed and the files have been restored.

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