NOC NOC, Who’s There?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For today’s blog post, we wanted to highlight our Network Operations Center (more commonly known as the NOC). Orion’s NOC is one of the silent heroes that keeps all of the other components of our Managed Services operations moving in smooth pace.

What is a Network Operations Center (or NOC)?

NOC_NOC_Who's_ThereAs mentioned above, our NOC is a core element of our Managed Services offerings, as it serves as a sort of “war room” for our team. From this central location, our experts can monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot all of our client’s network related equipment.

Our NOC was specially designed to give our engineers and support team members a system that allows for all of the essential elements to be monitored “at a quick glance.” Items such as health, security, and capacity are monitored 24/7, to ensure the highest level of support for our clients. Through monitoring every netflow, hop, server, and endpoint we dramatically improve incident response time and overall system availability.

Orion’s NOC – Gimme the Details

Our NOC, while in-house, operates in a remote secure facility that is away from the everyday traffic that occurs within our normal office. This facility is operates under strict security protocols, ensuring that only approved personnel get access to the various monitoring and management solutions keeping an eye on client systems. While it is kept away from the business of the main Orion office, our NOC is maintained in North America, and operates 24/7 to ensure the health of clients systems.

Each technician has multiple monitors on their desk. These monitors are supplemented by several monitors hanging on the wall at the front of the room which displays high-level information of the systems that can be controlled from each desk.

Our data streams display real-time data and provides unparalleled insight into each performance metric and system attached to the Network. During a demand response dispatch, the NOC monitors program performance at each site via real-time data feeds and makes event performance data available to client-approved staff through a secure, cloud-based software application. Our NOC technicians constantly strive to improve processes and documentation while actively sharing technical knowledge within the team, allowing our clients to receive the benefit of having not only one technician monitoring their systems, but the knowledge-base of the full team.

All issues that are dealt with by both Orion’s NOC technicians and our Help Desk experts are based on an automated ticket structure, with each issue being assigned a priority 1-4. These priorities, like all processes at Orion, are based off of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library set of practices for IT Services Management, more commonly referred to as ITIL. ITIL ticket prioritization is a formula that determines the Impact and Urgency of issues, and assigns them an automatic priority in coordination with the client’s SLA. This classification system determines the next step that is needed to be taken once an incident is logged by the NOC technicians.

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Check out photos from Orion’s NOC.


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Orion NOC vs. Our Help Desk Team

Now that you have exposure to what our NOC is, you might be asking yourself what the difference is between our NOC and our help desk team. Simply put, our help desk experts respond to issues, that are presented to the team as “tickets.” The NOC on the other hand, is at the very core of our proactive monitoring and management services. At Orion, we believe that robust, and unparalleled customer service in the same light as we do technology: an essential component of our services, and our client’s ability to receive the most out of their technology investments. Through actively monitoring our client’s systems, we can detect issues often before an actual outage or problem arises. Whether solution be simple, complicated, or even require an onsite technician to resolve, our NOC technicians track all elements of the incident and respond to get a resolution fast, and correct the first time.

At Orion, our services differ from that of many of our competitors in that we do not outsource our NOC services. Orion’s in-house NOC is staffed by technicians that are not distracted by other clients or competing resources. This allows our team to be able to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Are you Interested in Taking a Tour of our NOC?

Contact our team today to learn about our Network Operation Center Services, and learn how we can help you keep your systems Always On.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row] Facebooktwitterlinkedin

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