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Our Asset Lifecycle Services Help You Get the Most Out of Your Technology Investment From Procurement – Through Disposal.

The breadth and depth of our client base means that we have been able to craft services that resolve real world issues. Unlike other managed service providers, our dedicated Asset Management team are experts in procurement, contract, and license management. Our programs are built upon best practices and standards allowing you to gain from our experience in maintaining technology solutions throughout the entire usage lifecycle. From managing inventory levels to creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), we can handle all of the assets that your business needs.

Through our Lifecycle Management Services, our clients are able to maximize their software investments, minimize risk and exposures, and reduce software spend by centralizing the licensing and deployment process. Our client based portal puts all your salient asset information into a single, conveniently accessible repository providing you both a holistic and granular look at your entire IT asset inventory. Through this portal you can effortlessly validate software licenses, hardware and software usage, and see all relevant ticket and discovery data. This streamlined approach to asset and contract management is proven to reduce IT costs significantly and ensures that your assets are properly supported throughout their life cycle.

Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Inventory Management

  • Software Management

  • Usage Metering

  • Asset & Product Consulting

  • Service & Upgrade Management

  • Lease and Return Management

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Our IT Asset Lifecycle Management Services

Are You Struggling to Keep up With All Your IT Investments?

Keeping up with your IT investments is difficult. You have a million different resources going in hundreds of directions, and keeping track of every computer, every charger, every software license, all of the warranties, and additional data is nothing short of overwhelming. That is why we have named it one of the top 15 challenges that businesses face.

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