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Server Administration & Support

Servers are the life-line of your business’ technology infrastructure. Everytime your server stops, so does your business. Our knowledgeable team members have an average of 5 years experience each, which allows you to rest assured your servers are in good hands. With our services, you get:

  • Predictable & Affordable IT Costs
  • Access to Certified Technology Experts
  • Up to 20% reduction in system downtime and outages
  • 25-30% Total Cost Savings

Benefits of Orion’s Server Administration Services

Reduce Detection and Response Time For Incidents & Outages

Up to 25% reduction in Mean Time to Repair (MTR)

40% Reduction in Overall IT Infrastructure Spending

Free Up Internal Resources to focus on more Strategic Initiatives

Orion’s Server Administration & Support Services

Your servers must be online and all services must be up and running 24x7x365. Ensuring high quality server support, server management & server security can never be overstated and should be your first priority as your servers are the backbone of your business. You should regularly update the server softwares, kernel, apply security updates and patches, Install and properly configure the firewall, malware scanner, rootkit scanner and antivirus to scan the server daily/weekly. Even for the most experienced technician, this is often too complex and resource-intensive.

With Orion, you are not relying on the time availability or experience of any one person. Our Server Administration & Support team provides you with access to multiple, certified server specialists all whom are familiar with your system needs and can help you at a moment’s notice. Our team has vast experience in managing Linux, UNIX, and Windows servers and possess a variety of certifications in each system. Our multiple team members monitor your servers 24 / 7 in our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) to ensure maximum up-time and respond at a moments notice in the event of an incident.

Let’s Get Started Today!
  • Capacity Planning

  • Guaranteed Response Times

  • Local and Remote Backup Configuration

  • Server Migration

  • System Patching & Upgrades

  • System Hardening

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The Right MSP for Your Server Support Needs

At Orion, we do managed IT differently. We understand that each business has their own needs, and we build each managed server agreement to the best fit for those requirements. Unlike other MSPs, we don’t have technicians who are vaguely familiar with systems, our technicians and engineers are certified in the systems we support to ensure the best results for our clients.

Want to know what else makes Orion stand out among the rest of the field? Don’t just take our word for it, download our checklist and see how Orion compares to our competition before you make your final decision.

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