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Network Management

Your business travels your network at the speed of light – across the hall or around the world. Making this happen seamlessly means the constant maintenance of  your network’s activities, software, hardware, server, operating systems, switches, routers, procedures, email, and virus protection. With Orion’s Network Management Support, you get:

  • Improved performance on bandwidth utilization and interface availability
  • NOC specialists proactively detect failures and initiate corrective actions

Benefits of Network Management Support

Turnkey Managed Networking & Configuration

24/7 Monitoring and Reporting of all Network Components

~15% Reduction in System Outages from Improved CPU Utilization

Improved Trend Usage Analysis & Capacity Planning

Orion’s Network Support Services

The slightest change in your network’s performance could mean major setbacks for your staff’s productivity and effectiveness. Don’t let monitoring, troubleshooting, resolving bottlenecks, bandwidth limitations, network protocol mismatches or performance issues drain IT resources.  At Orion, our Network Management Support team at our Network Operations Center (NOC) provide around-the-clock monitoring, maintenance and support for your LAN / WAN services.

Additionally, Orion can present a complete and accurate picture of the security posture of your internet-facing infrastructure—delivered to meet the requirements of your entire staff, including executives, compliance auditors, network/system administrators and security engineers. We will monitor your network to recognize any fault notifications and then isolate and correct any log faults that occur.

  • Bandwidth Monitoring

  • Managed Patches & Upgrades

  • Managed LAN/WAN

  • Multi-Location Network

  • Router Install & Configuration

  • 24/7 Monitoring

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