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Mobile Device Management Services

In today’s world, it has become nearly impossible to completely prevent mobile devices from entering the enterprise.  Orion’s Mobile Device Management Services take this off of our client’s to-do list as a part of our overall Managed Services Solution.  Our Solution allows you to:

  • Implement and maintain standardized mobility standards and protocols
  • Increase mobile security and compliance with your standards
  • Increase procurement and provisioning efficiency

Benefits of Orion’s Mobile Device Management Services

20-35% Reduction in Efficiency & Cost Savings

Elimination of Capitalization and Depreciation Costs

Increased understanding into spending analysis and control

Get 24/7 Support for your users and applications.

Our Mobile Device Management Services

What businesses need is to be able to maintain productivity and efficiency with these new devices without limiting their ability to secure their data. We provide our clients with comprehensive visibility and control that can span across mobile devices, applications, and documents. Our Mobile Device Management Services are enhanced by our Network Operations Center, which provides the same 24/7 monitoring that you would experience with our other Managed Services offerings.

Our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) service also eliminates costly infrastructure and improves your overall mobile security and accountability, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

  • BYOD Program Support

  • Device Encryption

  • Mobile App Management

  • Policy Management & Enforcement

  • Remote Device Wipe & Lock

  • Scalable Endpoint Configuration

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