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IT Procurement Management

Orion’s IT Procurement and Asset Management Services simplify the IT acquisition process – from price optimization to ordering, asset tracking, and reporting. Our experts help you:

  • Optimize Use of Technology Assets
  • Reduce overall Procurement Costs by as much as 40% for some categories.
  • Gain a better understanding of procurement inefficiencies, such as vendor spending overlap

Benefits of Procurement Management Services

Better Pricing Based on Negotiated Rates

A Single Point of Contact for All Your IT Support Needs

Trained Experts Recommending New Technologies

Centralized Asset Tracking and Change Management

Take Control of Your IT Purchasing. Yeah, We Can Do That.

  • Autofilled Ticket Forms

  • Directed to Client Approved Purchaser

  • Intuitive, Built-in Search

  • Office & Location Information Automated

  • 20 Different Request Types

  • VIP Request Actions

  • Web-based Portal Accessible from Any Device

  • Custom Template Creation for Quick, Repeatable Processes

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