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Vendor & Contract Management

Contract & Vendor Management

The ongoing process of digital transformation requires the best technology from the best vendors, but managing those key relationships can be a distraction from the IT organization’s more important business mission. As your managed services partner, Orion’s Contract and Vendor Management team provides you with:

  • Providing ongoing visibility into contract lifecycle and opportunities for greater efficiency
  • Providing end-of-support details and budgetary refresh options

Benefits of Contract & Vendor Management Support

Faster Problem & Ticket Resolution 

Increase efficiency and effectiveness of vendor relationships

Maintaining current and master contracts

Single Contact for all technology needs

Our Contract & Vendor Management Services

Orion’s vendor management services are enhanced through the interactions we experience with IT vendors every day. A huge part of our business revolves around building solid relationships with technology vendors that can allow us to better serve our clients through the entire lifecycle of their technology. Our vendor and contract management services include IT Procurement, Contract Negotiation, Relationship Management and Performance Management.

Orion’s Contract and Vendor Management Services eliminate these headaches by providing you with a single point-of-contact for all of your technical needs. Our experts will review your vendor contracts and ensure that you are getting the right support you need in order to operate efficiently. Additionally, as a part of our overall Managed Services solutions, our experts will monitor your devices and contracts to ensure that warranty and repairs are handled quickly and efficiently.

  • Billing Analysis & Review

  • Contract & Vendor Consolidation

  • End of Life Support

  • Issue & Dispute Resolution

  • Regular Contract Meetings

  • Revenue Management & Cost Control

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The Support You Need From Your Vendors and Contracts

At Orion, we approach our Managed Services agreements with precision and process. Our practices are built on industry best standards like ITIL so that each ticket, client, user, and device is approached methodically. This ensures that you are getting the best service each and every time.

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