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Business Application Support

Within the evolving business lifecycle, business applications and assets are becoming more and more essential to everyday operations. At Orion, we believe end users shouldn’t be concerned with whether or not their various applications will hinder or support them in doing their job. With all of our Business Application Support packages, you get:

  • Experienced, Certified engineers on call 24/7
  • Access to real-time portal monitoring
  • Comprehensive SLAs built on your business needs

Benefits of Orion’s Business Application Support

Full Dependence Visibility Through Orion’s Client Portal

Maximum utilization of software and application investments

Virtually eliminate downtime through proactive maintenance

Get 24/7 Support for your users and applications in the event of an incident.

Our Business Application Support Services

With Orion’s business application support services, you have unlimited access to our experts who will help you with the application hurdles standing between you and your work. Irrespective of complexity and diversity, we provide the most cost-effective support while ensuring the highest quality of service. Through our proactive monitoring and management programs, we will help you stay on top of your applications and resolve issues quickly if something does go wrong.

As a part of our overall Managed Services offerings, Orion’s Business Application Support services support the entire application lifecycle. Meaning: you don’t have to take on the burden of managing applications; they just work! We cover application conception, design, and deployment through service, renewal, and disposal. Our Business Application experts work directly with your vendors, bridging the gap between you, your application and the vendor. This allows you to further rest assured that your technology is in capable hands, and that you will get the best result each time. Meaning no band-aid solutions and near elimination of repeat issues.

  • Access & Configuration Management

  • Custom Integrations

  • Performance Reporting

  • Proactive Maintenance

  • System Patches & Upgrades

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The Business Application Support Solution that Fits YOUR Business’ Needs

At Orion, we approach our Managed Services agreements with precision and process. Our practices are built on industry best standards like ITIL so that each ticket, client, user, and device is approached methodically. This ensures that you are getting the best service each and every time.

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