List of IoT Devices for your Holiday To-Do List

This time of year is always busy. With all the focus on gift-giving, sometimes it is easy to forget about purchasing something for ourselves. In this blog post, we decided to highlight some of the neat Internet of Things devices that could make surviving the holidays easier.

Helpful IoT Devices for your Holiday To-do List

_IoT-Devices-for-your-Holiday-To-Do-List-Saving Power with your Holiday Lights

Smart Power outlets have seen significant improvement over the past year. Luckily this means that you can control them wherever you are, automate them so that they work off of a schedule, and yes even monitor power usage. The Valta Starter Kit is a great example of this type of product for all of your inside decorations. For your outside lights, iDevices Inc has an Outdoor Switch that is weather-proof and provides all of the flexibility to control your lights from wherever you are. With all the lights used in decorations, this is a no brainer for the ultimate list of IoT devices to help with your holiday to do list. The Valta Starter Kit allows you to track the energy usage from the items plugged into the outlet, taking all of the guess work out of understanding how each device adds up to your energy bill. The app can be downloaded from your Android or Apple device, and then information is relayed through your home Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can turn off all of these devices from your smart phone, so you don’t have to worry if you leave home and forget to turn them off.

Amp-Up your Holiday Baking with Drop

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.29.03 AMSo many holiday parties, so many holiday cookies and treats to make! The Drop Scale and Recipe App offer an unique combination that allows for cooking to be taken to the next level. Items are measured based on weight as a recipe that is loaded into the app is followed. It even builds in some features that allow you to adjust as you go. For example, if you get half way through a cookie recipe and realize that you are almost out of flour, you can simply add what you have to the scale, push the “Smart Scaling” button, and it will adjust the rest of your ingredients for you. The “Simple Substitutions” feature also allows you to adjust recipes if you are missing some of the ingredients. The scale itself connects to your device wirelessly and comes equipped with a touch button on the front, so that you don’t have to scroll through the iPad with messy hands in order to interact with the App.

August Doorbell Cam

December is a time of year where deliveries are dramatically increased. Between online shopping, gifts being shipped, or friends or family stopping by, your doorbell is almost certainly likely to go off more than once. The August Doorbell Cam sends you a notification anytime someone rings your doorbell. Even when you are not home, you can see and speak to visitors from your smart phone. The camera is activated by a motion sensor, meaning that even if they don’t ring the bell you will still be notified. Each conversation is also recorded, allowing you to view detections that you missed and also watch previous conversations that have been saved.

ReFuel by Quirky

Quirky_ReFuelThis one is one of my favorites, mainly because like all Quirky products it was invented by ordinary people who had experienced an everyday problem: running out of propane on the grill. Nothing can kill a piece of meet that you have been cooking all day in preparation for the big feast like running out of propane. With ReFuel, you don’t have to worry about that happening. This app will monitor your fuel level and show you in the app approximately how much you have left.

Remember All the Groceries with Hiku

Hiku is a awesome little device that is changing the way we make grocery lists. The device is a magnet that can stick to your fridge, and has a scanner and a microphone allowing you to scan or say what all you need to get from the grocery store. Everything that is added will show up in the app on your phone. The app even categorizes your items to corresponding aisles in the grocery store, such as pet, product, meat, and dairy.


Do you have any other suggestions for our list? Let us know!

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