Life on a Service Desk: Working Around Major Problems

When Incidents and Events start flooding in, the Service Desk must quickly and efficiently identify trends and escalate problems that may be caused by a major environmental condition. In cases like these, two factors are important for staff responding to tickets. The first is time; the faster analysts can identify trends and escalate Problem Tickets, the faster Tier 2 & 3 resources can intervene. The second factor is consolidation; it is vital that both analysts and Dispatch identify tickets that share a common root cause and bundle those to the parent Problem ticket. This benefits both the Engineers working the case (by providing them with all the data available about the scope of impact) and the customers impacted (by ensuring that they are consistently and appropriately resolved once an approved workaround has been identified).
life_on_a_service_deskThe first group to become involved once the escalation process begins is the Tier 2 Engineering Team. This team is responsible for performing initial root cause analysis and identifying the full scope of impact. If the problem has a quick resolution, the Tier 2 team will work with the Service Desk and Dispatch to make sure that all incidents and events are promptly addressed and services are restored.  If no known work around or resolution exists, Tier 2 will escalate the problem to the Tier 3 Engineering team.

The Tier 3 team is a group of highly specialized engineers. This team can perform detailed troubleshooting and root cause analysis and determine an effective course of action for restoring services. The Tier 3 team is also responsible for documenting problem resolutions to ensure the problems either do not reoccur for that there quickly handled in the event that they do.

Any person who is a part of this process from Dispatch all the way to Tier 3 can, at anytime and at their discretion, escalate the problem to a Significant Incident. Doing so triggers an automated and coordinated response by the Significant Incident and Critical Situation team. Once involved, this team will manage everything about the problem until resolution is confirmed.

Stay tuned for my next post discussing this team, and exactly how they prepare for the most disastrous situations.

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