Jumping for a Cause – the 2017 Polar Plunge


One of the many reasons I love working at Orion and our great team is that we put a big emphasis on giving back to our community. Our Atlanta community has done so much to help our business be able to thrive and grow, and there are so many causes that provide us with the opportunity to give back to those around us.  Orion Gives Back is a part of Orion Ignite, our employee engagement program that focuses on giving back to our community. It is so important to realize that we are a product of our environment and we should give back and build up our surroundings so we can all continue to thrive and be successful together.

Today is election day in the United States, and if one thing can be certain there are a lot of decisions being made today. As we enter this changing time in our nation’s history, we as Orion, a community, a nation, a common humanity, need to come together to focus on the positives and spread compassion and acceptance. Investment in our community and all it’s members with inclusion and kindness will help bring us all together and succeed.

Georgia Special Olympics is a cause that is very important to us here at Orion. One of the Special Olympics main goals is to “awaken everyone – and every community – to each person’s common humanity.”  This awakening must happen at the local level to expand globally.

For Orion, this happened when our President and Founder, Matthew Singley, worked at a small restaurant as one of his first jobs while he was still in high school. The owner’s daughter participated as an athlete in the Georgia Special Olympics every year and Matthew grew to look to her for inspiration. She is someone that embodied the Special Olympics motto of “giving it all you’ve got” and finding courage to do so. Matthew has taken this inspiration and uses it today in all that he does, including leading Orion.

Orion has participated in multiple fundraising events that benefit Georgia Special Olympics including “Over the Edge” and “Polar Plunge”. We have the privilege to take the plunge again this year to help raise funds for over 27,000 athletes participating. Money raised goes towards award medals, meals, and the Olympic experience for all athletes. Special Olympics uses sports to “shift a focus from disability to ability, from isolation to involvement.” As we take this plunge together at Orion, these few moments of discomfort will remind us of the true reason for freezin’. Focusing on the positive and what we can do as a community is something that I will always take from the Special Olympics organization.

To help us reach our goal of $10,000, visit Our Team Page From there you will be able to donate directly to our team as we take the plunge! Plunge date is Saturday, February 25 at Acworth Beach. Help us reach our goal and donate to an amazing cause that means so much to Orion!

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