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Orion at a Glance

Orion focus is on our award-winning strategic and technical leadership that allows our clients to be able to stop worrying about their technology, and focus on their core business functions. Orion is different from other managed services firms because we center our efforts on our White-Glove Service. By this we mean that we partner with clients for the long run, we don’t set them up with a new system and leave them to fend for themselves.

We are equipped to support businesses large and small; including multi-national companies with sophisticated enterprise architectures, to organizations that prefer to outsource all of their technology needs. Our major areas of comprehensive business support include: IT managed services, cloud services, security services, monitoring services and high-end consulting.


Show Me The Numbers


of Orion Employees are IT Professionals. Less overhead means you get more efficient pricing


Satisfied Clients and End Users who switch to Orion managed services.


End Users Supported Across Desktops, Phones, and Mobile Devices


Different technical certifications held by our technicians and engineers. 

An Award-Winning Approach

Our Satisfied Clients

Insights From Our Experts

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