Hybrid Cloud: The Perfect Way to Transition to a Cloud Environment

The cloud as a general concept can be overwhelming, which is curious considering much of the oversimplification that comes from the standard market message is about simplicity. Cloud is a paradigm and not a solution. Now that cloud technologies are becoming the choice of business and IT leaders, adapting internal strategy, infrastructure and processes can present a challenge regardless of industry. IT leaders seldom want to relinquish control and business leaders want efficiency.

Hybrid-CloudThose companies that are making this paradigm shift are finding that the impact of these concerns about change is much less when choosing a hybrid cloud solution as the first step toward a holistic cloud strategy.  A hybrid cloud is a conversion of internal IT assets to private cloud with an augmentation of external cloud resources, combined with a managed service component. A Hybrid Cloud approach can be highly customizable in matching risk and control, while minimizing costs. This solution can enable transformation and provide continuity to current IT infrastructure while remaining in control. This approach is often found to be the best of both worlds; private and public.

Businesses that utilize a Hybrid Cloud approach, experience the power of hosting in a cloud environment along with the security, speed and agility of onsite hosting. Users experience high performance, scalability and cost effectiveness the cloud along with the comprehensiveness of onsite infrastructure for critical IT assets. CRM systems, highly sensitive data, print servers and file sharing are examples of elements that IT Architects maintain in the private cloud domain. Servers that require greater processing power or elasticity can be moved to a hosted solution for a fraction of the internal operating costs. .

The attractiveness of the Hybrid Cloud is maintaining control and access. IT and business leaders want control of their data; where it goes and whom has access.. The Hybrid Cloud demonstrates to users that having business technology and applications in “the cloud” doesn’t make them intangible or vulnerable. The Hybrid Cloud provides an perfect opportunity for transition for companies to move data to the cloud, efficiently and securely, and often at a much lower overall cost. This transition can occur in stages so that not all applications are required to move at the same time. Hybrid Cloud solutions are now available in all sizes, locations and are capable of servicing any industry. The first painful and confusing steps in achieving a solid cloud strategy can be alleviated with the deployment of Hybrid Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud: Customizable Solution for any Company

Orion understands that there are no “cookie-cutter” companies; each have different needs and varying priorities. Custom IT solutions are our specialty and custom hybrid cloud solutions are no different. We understand that business data and applications are crucial to business success and a secure environment is a number one priority. Orion can provide the expertise to develop cloud solutions that fit the individual needs of a company.

The Orion Hybrid Cloud solution is exactly what you would expect. It really is the best of both worlds. Because no business is alike, custom solutions are needed to provide the best service and the Hybrid Cloud does just that. The Hybrid Cloud can be customized as a combination of solutions. Clients are provided with the ability to store mission critical data in a dedicated private cloud and utilize the scalability and power of the public cloud.

Hybrid Cloud solutions include solutions beyond hosting servers and storing data. Orion can integrate the management of security and support on-site and in our secure hosted environment. The goal of a solid cloud strategy is to alleviate the burden from the client of managing infrastructure and get back to managing business.


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