Cyber Security Challenges Your Current IT Provider Might be Hiding

Keeping businesses and their data secure is a constantly moving target. The threats are evolving every day and keeping up is a daunting challenge. You may think you are secure. However, what could be scarier are the cyber security challenges your current IT provider might be hiding from you.

Hidden_Security_ChallengesIn today’s post, we wanted to make sure that you will not fall victim to a cyber attack because your current IT provider kept you in the dark.

Cyber Security Challenges Your Current IT Provider Might be Hiding From You

Firewalls and Anti-Virus isn’t Always Enough

Antivirus products don’t have magic powers. You still have to worry about security. The attack on the New York Times’ Network pointed out this fact. Antivirus is essential to protecting your system from known attacks, but it doesn’t have the ability to protect from new attacks that have not been recognized before. It is critical to have layered security in place to protect every aspect of your systems, from your networks and servers, down to your endpoints.

Prevention is Great, but Early Detection is the True Silver Bullet

Given enough time and resources, any security system in place can be hacked. In fact, Kaspersky’s 2014 IT Security Threats and Data Breaches Report says that 94% of companies have experienced some kind of external security threat. That leaves determining how soon and the strategy that will be implemented in response to a security issue as the best bet. 24/7 monitoring and threat detection is the best possible solution. This will monitor your systems around the clock and notify you immediately in the event of a breach.

The Cloud is Not as Dangerous as You Think

This is one of the most common cyber security challenges your current IT provider might be hiding from you. In general, the cyber attacks and data loss with cloud services are no different than they are with any other IT outlet. In fact, if you outsource cloud computing to a service provider that guarantees the security of their infrastructure, you could gain in security through updates and patches always being in optimized instead of waiting on your IT guy to get around to it.

Small Businesses are More Likely to be Targeted

A common misconception among small business owners is that their company is too small to be the focus of a cyber criminal. This is completely false. In fact, according The National Small Business Administration says 44% of small businesses have experienced an attack. What is even more alarming than that, is that the National Cyber Security Alliance says 66% of small businesses hacked will close up shop in six months as a result of the incident.

Complete Backups are the Best Defense

Like we mentioned earlier, complete prevention of an attack is not practical. Your IT provider should be telling you that complete back ups of your system are the best defense. This will ensure that in the event of a disaster or data breach, you will be able to recover your data. This is the only real way to know that your company will be able to move on with business. If your current IT provider is not providing you with backup solutions, you should look into it. Consider cloud backup solutions as a great alternative.

Your Employees are Not Security Professionals

Proper cyber security requires every employee understand his or her role in keeping the organization secure. They must understand the importance of the cyber security policies and systems that are in place. If you feel like this is an area you are lacking in, reach out to a company who provides cyber security awareness training to learn about keeping employees informed.

Customer Trust Doesn’t Last Through a Data Breach

One thing that should surely outweigh any concerns about how seriously to take your company’s security efforts is the detrimental effect it could have on your bottom line. In fact, according to a 2014 report by safe-net, 65% of survey respondents would never do business with a company that had experienced a data breach where financial or personal data was stolen.

Don’t wait for a security incident to occur before learning about the cyber security challenges your current IT provider might be hiding from you. Contact Orion today to learn more about the risks you face and what your IT provider should be doing to make sure you are properly protected.

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