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Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

We don’t take your cloud migration lightly – and neither should you. Every migration requires hands-on expertise to execute the most seamless, efficient, and cost-effective migration possible. With Orion, you get:

  • Production Maintenance & Support
  • Experienced, Certified Engineers
  • Reduced risk and higher ROI

Benefits of Orion’s Cloud Migration Support

Agile Validation

Near-zero downtime server migration

Application Blueprinting & Workload Characterization

Application Dependency Mapping

Our Cloud Migration Services

Orion’s Cloud Migration Services provides comprehensive services to cover your full migration to the cloud. Our team of experts has extensive experience migrating business-critical applications to a wide-range of cloud development types. Our experts create a custom project plan that is specific to each client’s specific needs and requirements.

As a technology and provider-agnostic system integrator, Orion is not limited to using a single tool or software to aid in your transition. This allows our Cloud Migration Services team to provide the best solution for your business further enabling your return on your technology investment. When you trust Orion’s Cloud Migration Services you will receive a complete solution for full cloud adoption.

  • Target Architecture Planning

  • Load Testing

  • Security Vulnerability Scanning

  • Application & Workload Development

  • Dev/Ops Tool Chain Implementation

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