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Cloud File Sharing

Today, collaboration and teamwork are vital to any business. But, the more any file is shared, the more security and data loss risks become real concerns. Orion’s Cloud-based File Sharing Solution makes security and missing file concerns a thing of the past, and provides you with:

  • Have the security of easy backup and restore from continuous, real-time backup of files and folders with customized retention policies
  • Sync data across servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones so users can be productive from any location

Benefits of Orion’s Business Application Support

Anytime, Anywhere File Access

Easy internal & external collaboration

Granular access and permissions control

Automated Data Backup in the Cloud

Orion’s Cloud File Sharing & Syncing

Unlike other Cloud File Sharing and Syncing service providers, Orion delivers a state-of-the-art solution that is centralized around the ability of our clients to choose the solution that works best for their environment. Orion’s Cloud File Sharing and Syncing services provide unparalleled flexibility, unified visibility, and centralized control over file services to optimize collaboration. Our file server is a managed file transfer server with multi-layer security, high availability and automation.

With our Cloud File Sharing and Syncing Solution, you can rest assured everything operates in coordination with any existing IT policies or controls. So you can collaborate on files with users both inside and outside the organization while maintaining complete access control and file backup capabilities. Additionally, our cloud-based structure, powered by OnCloud, provides you with the same backup and recovery options you would expect from an enterprise-grade file storage solution.

Cloud File Sharing
  • Automated Backup & Recovery

  • Customized File Structures

  • Data Encryption Options

  • Secure File Sharing

  • System Integration Options

  • Unified Access Control

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