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Cloud Backup and Recovery

At best, data loss or IT downtime can be an expensive inconvenience. At worst, it can be a catastrophic financial blow. With Orion’s Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution, you can:

  • Set and achieve Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives that meet your organization’s needs
  • Recover anything quickly and easily — files, folders, applications, or an entire system.

Benefits of Orion’s Cloud Backup and Recovery

Supports the 3-2-1 Data Protection Strategy

Human-proof your Company’s data

Universal backups to OnCloud

Meet Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

Our Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution

Orion’s Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions allow you to protect, locate, and recover more information in less time across a multitude of platforms, storage environments, or hybrid-cloud architectures. You can even choose the frequency and granularity of the backups on a data source by data source basis to ensure data is protected as long as required for compliance and business continuity. Our backup solution is seamlessly integrated with Orion Disaster Recovery and AlwaysOn Disaster Recovery platforms, providing you with a unified, central location for your data backup and business continuity needs.

Our experts combine the power of cloud storage to protect data without requiring separate backup and disaster recovery systems. Unlike hardware-based solutions, Orion’s cloud data protection scales infinitely. OnCloud is built from the ground up with business continuity in mind. If your critical dataset size increases – or shrinks – you can seamlessly adjust the amount of storage allocated. There’s no need to buy a higher-capacity product if your dataset grows, and no wasted space if your needs decrease.

Cloud Data Backup and Recovery
  • Automated Backups

  • Enterprise Grade Security

  • One Click Recovery

  • Total Ecosystem Integration

  • Remote Application & Recovery

  • Virtual & Physical System Backup

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