Client Interview – Advocate Co-CEO Scott Fogle

Orion’s Marketing Team recently had an opportunity to sit down with our client, Scott Fogle, Co-CEO of Advocate. Advocate, an IT Consulting firm, helps clients around the globe transform and optimize their cloud and connectivity infrastructure. With clients around the world and employees constantly on the go, Advocate has relied on Orion to support their technology for years.

Advocate_Scott_Fogle_0001In this interview, we asked Scott for some feedback about our services and the benefits we provide to Advocate.

What challenges or needs were you facing that led you to look for our services?  

“We have always been of the mindset that we should not have an internal IT team to support our employees. Our employees are knowledge workers, so they need their systems to be operational around the clock, regardless of where they are.”

Did you have a solution prior to your engagement with Orion?

Yes. We had three or four partners that we outsourced our tech support to prior to engaging with Orion. With every other firm there was always an issue, almost every year, like clockwork. Since we have been with Orion, I can honestly not think of a single issue that hasn’t been handled timely and professionally. I can’t even think of a complaint from the staff.”

What about Orion’s services stand out to you?

“With several of our other partners, the lack of process and automation was a real issue. When our team would contact them for support, it might be days before they would get back to us or many times the request for support was simply misplaced. We have never had those issues with Orion. I know I can call or email Orion any time and a ticket will be automatically created, assigned a priority and be handled in a timely fashion. That level of sophistication was just something that the other firms were lacking.”

What did you find most attractive about Orion and our services?

Again, I can’t say enough about the level of Orion’s process and automation. In addition, Orion’s dedicated IT support team truly cares about Advocate. Their focus is on building a true partnership, and they go the extra mile to make sure that happens.”

What are three words you would use to describe your experience working with Orion?

“Responsive, careful and thoughtful.” 

CTA_AdvocateWould you Recommend Orion to your peers? If so, Why?

 Yes. Orion has approached this relationship and created a great long-term partnership. Since we first signed on with Orion, our company has nearly doubled in size. Orion has handled that increase and scalability with ease. My account leader sits with us regularly to talk about what technology changes we should consider for future growth. And if a problem were to ever occur, I know without a doubt that the Orion support team would be here to make it right.”

If you were to describe Orion in one sentence to one of your peers, what would that sentence be?

They go the extra mile. It’s all in the results.”

For more information about Orion’s partnership with Advocate Insiders, Click here to download our case study.

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