Can Your Current IT Help Desk Support Predict the Future?

One of the problems that IT support commonly faces is the limited resources leaves them to only be able to “put out the fires” or respond to immediate problems. This leaves little time for preventative actions to be taken that can help protect problems from even occurring.

Can your IT Support Predict the Future? The Value in Preventative Tech Support

Preventative_Tech_SupportDo you Understand Your Assets?

Keeping track of your assets is a critical component of managing your technology. Proper asset management involves regular checkups that monitor everything from news assets to expired licenses and updates and patches that need to be implemented. These regular checkups can definitely help you diagnose problems in advance.

At Orion, we remotely monitor all of your assets for you. From software licenses to accessories, we keep track of your entire technical infrastructure. We will handle all patches and updates do you don’t have to take the time out of your day to make sure this is done.

Do You Know if one Asset has had repetitive problems?

Each asset within your system is connected to countless other assets and users within your system. There may be multiple issues associated with one asset. Or maybe there are multiple issues connected to a single vendor. Over time, it can be very difficult to remember if a particular item has had repetitive problems, especially if you are lacking proper Asset Management practices and policies. These issues could very well be related to one another and be a part of an even bigger problem. Without the proper tracking systems in place, it is likely that these issues will never be connected to one another.

At Orion, we keep records of all of your issue tickets. We connect all of your assets together to give you a tremendous head start. We can effectively show you the high-level views of your entire infrastructure, allowing you to see if any system has had repetitive issues. These repetitive issues are signs that problems should be explored deeper, and allow our engineers to get to the root of the problem.

Do you have a database of solutions you can pull information from?

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your help desk to a managed services provider comes with the increased knowledge around various solutions that can then be brought to the table. Over the years, huge amounts of knowledge have been accumulated about how to fix various issues.

Our managed services team has access to records from service tickets. This collective experience allows for increased effectiveness in being able to provide a quick and reliable solution to your technology issues.

When you are trying to run your business, the last thing you need is your technology getting in your way. With regards to keeping everything operational and secure, the more information you have the better. This is why it is essential that your IT support provides you with services that keep you ahead of the game. So that way, you will know what is coming, and you will be prepared.

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