Business Technology: Types of IT Assessments

Information technology assessments can provide many benefits to your organization. More likely than not, your IT environment has developed gradually over time. This means that it is highly unlikely that you are using a uniform solution to support your technical needs. The purpose of an IT assessment is to provide you with the information you need to make strategic decisions with regards to your technology investments and planning.

Types_of_IT_AssessmentsTypes of IT Assessments

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessments provide you with a comprehensive view of your overall security posture. These assessments look at your business as a whole, and provide you with information as to how various items within your business affect the overall security. This focus is on both technical and business factors that could affect your security posture, including business processes, security protocols, and technical security.

The result of the risk assessment is the identification and prioritization of vulnerabilities that threaten the integrity of your business. Actionable suggestions are given as to how to eliminate these vulnerabilities. These can be done on either a one-time or regularly-recurring basis, depending on your needs. 

Compliance Assessment

For companies operating in industries that are controlled by compliance regulations, assessments are critical to helping you find weaknesses before the official auditor arrives. There are a wide variety of compliance assessments, each one different based on the legislation they are tied to. Common compliance assessments for businesses and corporations include options for:


For government entities, there are many others that have to also be considered, including:


Based upon the results of the assessment, corrective actions will be prioritized and outlined to help the organization meet their compliance requirements.

Project Readiness Assessment

Project readiness assessments analyze your IT environment in relation to an upcoming project, and determine the gaps that exist. Project Readiness Assessments can exist in many sub-topics too, including:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • PMO Maturity Assessment
  • Enterprise Mobility Readiness Assessment
  • IT Skills Assessment


These focus areas allow you to know whether or not your organization is prepared for an upcoming project before you jump in and find yourself dealing with major outages.

Strategic IT Development Assessment

A strategic IT development assessment helps you ensure that your technology is able to evolve and grow with your business. This is a critical step in creating your IT Roadmap and can offer many additional benefits to helping you know where to place your energy and resources within your technical infrastructure. Several different components of focus are taken into consideration when developing an IT plan, including business opportunities and weaknesses. Because of this, the assessment portion of this process can alter to include any given number of focal points. Some common focuses are:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • IT Sourcing Strategy Development
  • Demand and Portfolio Assessment
  • Database Environment Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Assessment
  • Application Strategy Development


Each of these areas are meant to provide you guidance on how to prioritize your technology investments and projects so that your IT continues to be in support of your overall business goals.

Technology Infrastructure Assessment

Analyzing your infrastructure and understanding what components are tied to other items within your technical environment is critical. There are several sub-sections that can be isolated when conducting an infrastructure assessment, each of them able to be independent from one another. Specific Infrastructure assessments could include:

  • Data Center Assessments
  • Network Assessment
    • Network topology & design
    • Network directory services
    • Network administrative policies
    • Remote Access and Redundancies
  • Server Infrastructure Assessment
  • Storage Assessment


Each of these assessments has a different purpose. Before you bring in someone to analyze your systems, make sure you are getting everything you need out of the type of assessment they are providing. Have any questions about an IT Assessment? Reach out to our team today for more info. Click here to email us.

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