Benefits of CIO Services for SMBs

CIOs play a very important role in organizations. The traditional role of the CIO involves many complicated responsibilities, all of which are intended to make IT and Business initiatives play nicely together. This intersection of business and technology is where many critical initiatives occur. Yet, for many organizations it is not feasible to have an in-house CIO. Being able to contract out for expert information is a solution that many organizations are turning to in an effort to overcome skill and strategy shortages.

Benefits_of_CIO_Services_for_SMBsFor those who have not yet considered getting outside advice on their systems, the benefits of CIO Services remain unclear. In today’s blog post, we are going to illustrate some of the benefits of CIO Services for SMBs.

Benefits of CIO Services for SMBs

Creating an IT Strategy & Roadmap

It is fairly common knowledge that strategic planning is important for business success. However, many SMBs fail to realize that they need a IT strategy as well to make sure that technology is properly aligned with the overall business goals. Yet for many it can be difficult to define exactly how technology should play into the different business components. One of the benefits of CIO services for SMBs is that expert advice on how to define those roles is provided for you.

IT_Super_PowersIdentifying New Technology That Can Reduce Cost and Drive Business

Many new technologies are centered on improved efficiency. Yet, one of the common concerns for small businesses with regards to selecting new technologies for their company is whether or not there will be issues with how the solutions operates within their overall technical infrastructure. An experienced CIO professional can provide the technical insight to know if there will be compatibility or workflow issues with other technologies. They can also make recommendations for solutions that would improve overall organization efficiency.

Plan and Execute Major IT Projects

Major IT projects are often very complicated to execute. One of the benefits of CIO services for SMBs is that project management office services can be provided to help spearhead initiatives. An outsourced CIO can provide effective project management essentials, including: standardization of project management practices and documentation, project manager mentoring, and project recovery.

Align Technology and Business Goals

Having a great technology system in place is nice. But, it is not doing you the amount of good it could be if it is not directly aligned to your business goals. Another one of the benefits of CIO Services for SMBs is that any gaps in alignment between technology and business goals can be easily identified.

Plan for Business Continuity

Disaster recovery & business continuity planning are essential to an organization’s assurance that they can weather any storm that comes their way. Creating a disaster recovery and business continuity plan is extremely complex for an organization who has no background in the processes. CIO services can provide expertise around what should be the most important recovery items within your organization. They can also help you to determine the most effective method of recovering your business’ critical data, should something happen.

Prioritize IT Initiatives

The to-do list surrounding maintaining and upgrading business technology is a never-ending cycle. Updates and patches are always being released. New software is constantly evolving to provide increased capabilities, while older versions of software and hardware are retired. With all of these to-do list items, it can be extraordinarily difficult to understand which items have the highest priority. A CIO expert would be able to assess the your IT needs and define a strategy for when various components should be updated or replaced.

CIO Expertise at a Fraction of the Cost

This, without a doubt, is one of the biggest benefits of CIO Services for SMBs. Having an in-house CIO comes with a hefty price tag, one that is too big for most organizations to handle. When you outsource your CIO needs to a trusted partner, like Orion, you receive these services without having to take on the expensive price tag. This provides your organization with the same strategy and vision that huge enterprises have with regards to how technology is incorporated into your business and processes, without putting a strangle on your budget.


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