ABCs of Why Organizations are Switching to Managed Services

Often times you hear how beneficial switching to a Managed Service Provider can be. But, how is it so beneficial? To help answer that question we have put together an A-Z list of why organizations are switching to managed services. With customizable solutions to tailor to your business’ technical needs, MSPs like Orion want to see any business succeed.

Why_Organizations_Are_Switching_to_managed_servicesABCs of Why Organizations are Switching to Managed Services


Organizations are switching to managed services in large part to outsource the responsibility of their infrastructure to qualified technical support and alleviate this from their day-to-day activities. The responsibility of developing a technical strategy that best serves your company’s needs is to rest on the MSP. As a business partner with your company, MSPs can guide you with content knowledge and their expertise to find the best solution custom to your enterprise.

Business Application Support

MSPs understand that your business applications are crucial to running your business. Your IT Partner is able to support your various business applications while you perfect and develop your business, whether it be conception, design, deployment or service, renewal, or disposal. This added reliability on your critical applications is undoubtedly why organizations are switching to managed services. Consider whether or not your MSP is a certified partner for your major business applications, such as Microsoft Office, Sharepoint or others.


Cloud has become a key word in the world of technology. Your MSP can help you with the process of moving to the cloud and finding a customized cloud solution that will work best for your business needs. Whether it be public, private or a hybrid solution, consulting with your MSP will help make the transition to the cloud easier and secure.

Disaster Recovery

Ability to recover from disasters is critical to survival in the modern business world where the two types of companies that exist are those who have experienced a data breach, and those who will. A major factor to why many organizations are switching to managed services is the ability to create and implement a disaster recovery plan to keep their business information secure in the event of a disaster.  Managed hosting providers can customize cloud back up plans in order to prevent disasters from occurring.

Emergency Response Support (SLA requirements)

When partnering with an MSP, response time standards assist in keeping your business running smoothly and uninterrupted. It also sets an understanding between the MSP and client to establish a business partnership.

Flat Fees

MSP agreements standardize a price. That way businesses know how much of your budget is going to your technical needs. Whether it be a holistic approach or custom solution, managed service providers agreements standardize rates for monthly services.

Group Policy

Group policies are just one aspect of a business technology infrastructure that can be successful with an MSP’s touch. Your MSP can manage different configurations and users within your Active Directory structure to help maintain your business’ technical environment.

Help Desk Support

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest reasons organizations are switching to managed services is to gain help desk support for all technical issues.  When you are experiencing any technical issue, you can call your help desk and speak to a real person, who is there to assist and solve your IT problems. Help desk analysts know that IT issues arise every day. Your MSP’s help desk is there to answer questions, provide assistance, and find solutions to frustrating situations. Contact Orion today to learn more about our award-winning help desk.

Incident Management

Security Incident Management and response support is another reason why organizations are switching to managed services. MSPs identify and analyze technical incidents to ensure and prepare for future events. These incidents are recorded in a documented ticketing system to assist MSPs to be proactive and put out fires before they have even started.

Junk Mail

Organizing your Outlook and mailbox can be overwhelming. Your MSP can walk you through how to organize your Outlook and manage your email server to keep you secure and also make sure your systems are operating properly. MSPs who are certified Microsoft partners can also help you with numerous features built into Outlook, such as Clutter. A managed services provider who also specializes in security can help you implement malware and anti- phising measures to ensure the security of your email system as well.

Knowledge Base

It is probably common knowledge that organizations are switching to managed services to gain technical expertise that is greater than what they are otherwise capable of getting on their own. Knowledge Base is a centralized and consolidated location to store pertinent information that all MSPs should utilize. Articles, documentation and processes are stored here to assist your IT provider’s ability to quickly and effectively solve your technical issues.

Local Policy Settings

This is just another way for your MSP to provide structure and organization to businesses’ IT infrastructure. Local Policy Settings allow your MSP to customizes policy settings to what will best provide structure to your company. From what is recorded in your security logs to users’ rights and limitations, MSPs will work with you on what is needed in your Local Policy Settings.

Migration Support

Whether it be a cloud migration or application migration, MSPs can alleviate the stress of any type of mass migration. If you are physically moving offices or transitioning to the cloud, your managed service provider can offer feedback, support and custom solutions for any migration you face.

Network Management

MSPs can offer guidance in structuring your network. Be sure to look out for specific certifications dealing with Network Management when looking for an MSP. Whether it be performance, security, planning or reporting, or infrastructure design, organizations are switching to managed services to outsource these responsibilities.

On-Site Support Escalation

Along with tiered ticket escalation and remote technical support, On-Site Support Escalation is provided by MSPs to take care of the issues that just have to be handled in person. If an issue required an On Site visit, tickets can easily be escalated to ensure an On Site visit is made.

Professional Services

Another reason why organizations are switching to managed services providers is the added benefit of professional services engagements. MSPs work with their clients to advance their business goals and become a business partner. With MSPs technical knowledge, architects are able to be content experts and leverage technology and project management to help client’s business strategy remain successful.

Quality Customer Service

A great managed services provider will look for more than a band-aid solution to your technical problems. Instead they will work to make sure they are providing you with proactive and preventative customer service and technical support.  They are providing a service and the quality of that service is crucial to success. Having technical issues is never something any business wants to deal with. The quality of service MSPs provide is key to a beneficial business relationship.

Remote Access & Monitoring in Real Time

Another reason why organizations are switching to managed services is due to the MSPs ability to track your business assets remotely. At Orion, this is monitored 24/7 and can be viewed by our clients in real-time. This reason is especially true for companies who are subjected to regulatory compliance audits which require 24/7 monitoring and reporting of technical systems.


With numerous security threats and new compliance regulations developing every day, organizations are switching to managed services providers to help alleviate this strain. MSPs provide managed security services to ensure enterprises’ technology is protected and up-to-date on compliance. From email filtering, log or patch monitoring and management to risk assessment, businesses can lean on their IT partner to ensure they are covered and prepared for emerging threats.

Tiered Ticket Escalation

When organizations are switching to managed services providers, they expect technical issues to be resolved in an organized and timely way. Prioritizing technical issues that arise helps MSPs provide quicker service and better answers to any solutions needed. A tiered ticketing system ensures that your business will receive support from the team who can best assist during technical issues and in a timely manner.

User Friendly

When organizations are switching to managed services, many of them don’t have the knowledge to follow along with technical jargon. This can make choosing the right technology for your business overwhelming. MSPs understand this challenge. MSPs provide service that is user friendly and approachable to your business needs.

Vendor Management

When organizations use MSPs for vendor management, they no longer have to maintain licenses, warranties, and security and patch issues. This is just another example of how switching to a MSP can save businesses time and most importantly, money.

Website Hosting

With the constantly changing industry of technology, businesses’ websites are crucial to success. Enterprises want their websites running and displaying properly for end users and potential customers. This adds to the infrastructure and support needed to keep a company running. This makes website hosting another reason why organizations are switching to managed services providers. MSPs can host and managed websites to ensure that websites remain accessible and beneficial to the company.

XAAS – x-as-a-service

Your MSP is there to serve, whatever platform works best for your business needs. Managed service providers can customize their services to be able to support a wide-range of business functions. Many MSPs offer services that cover the full-range of tech support needed to keep your business running.


As we hinted earlier, hosting and maintaining a full IT environment is overwhelming. Organizations are switching to managed services to rid themselves of having to control these technical components. Outsourcing your infrastructure to a trusted managed hosting or cloud provider gives you the ability to infinitely scale your storage capacity to suit your business needs. You will never have to worry about running out of storage space.

Zero Worries

This is easily the top reason why organizations are switching to managed services providers. With a Managed Service provider like Orion, enterprises can have zero worries when it comes to their technology needs and infrastructure. Let your provider worry about your technology so you can worry about your business.

As you can see, there are countless reasons why organizations are switching to managed services. If you are interested in seeing these benefits within your organization, Contact Us Today!

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