7 Deadly IT Sins – Un-Secured Wi-Fi

For this weeks post about the 7 Deadly IT Sins outlined by Sophos, we are going to discuss the dangers of un-secured Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi networks are a requirement for doing business today. Yet without proper access controls, anyone can connect to your network, putting your business’ sensitive data at risk.

Deadly_Un-Secured_Wi-FiSetting up security for your home is one thing, but securing wireless networks in a business environment is much more complex. It requires balancing security, manageability, and accessibility for both employees and guests.

Un-Secured Wi-Fi: The Issues

Unfortunately, un-secured Wi-Fi is more common than you might think. Whether the security systems in place or obsolete or simply non-existent, unsecured Wi-Fi systems remain one of the top ways that hackers access information. This is especially true for small businesses.

This is shocking considering the overwhelming amount of information that say that unsecured Wi-Fi is a huge threat. How big of a threat is it? Well, recently a seven-year-old in South London broke into an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot in just 10 minutes and 54 seconds after watching an online video tutorial. So I think it would be safe to say that this opens your business up to attacks from a very large number of people.

Sophos Global Head of Security Research James Lyne recently conducted a series of “warbiking” research experiments. This research was intended to show the vulnerabilities with using public un-secured Wi-Fi connections.

During the research, Lyne discovered the around one-third of un-secured Wi-Fi networks that were scanned had no encryption or outdated encryption. This is an open door for hackers who are looking to steal account logins, passwords, and financial or personal information.

It is easy for most people to conceive of the idea that devices originating from mobile devices wouldn’t have encryption capabilities. After all, who thinks about encrypting their phone? But for small businesses, this should be an easy fix right? Just encrypt the system, limit access, and everything is fine.

Unfortunately, no. While it is true that most small businesses might have some sort of encryption, many have security systems protecting their network that are used well past their shelf-life. It is also extremely common for small businesses to be adhering to very outdated security standards that affect the security of their Wi-Fi.

These bad security practices are common. Often times, IT support is so bogged down with other duties that they fail to keep the Wi-Fi security updated. James Lyne talked about this. He referred to the problem as “Configuration Drift.” One of the biggest concerns with this drift is that small business owners believe their environments to be secure, despite using encryption and security standards that have long-been proven to be ineffective and obsolete.

Un-Secured Wi-Fi: How Orion and Sophos Can Help

By bringing in Orion and Sophos for your Wi-Fi security, you are getting the best of both worlds. Our Sophos experts will install and configure Sophos Network Protection for Secure Wi-Fi.

Sophos Secure Wi-Fi provides your company with:

  • Strong Encryption
  • Voucher-based Guest Wi-Fi and BYOD Access
  • Centralized Management
  • Integrated UTM Protection


As an award-winning Sophos partner, we have access to inside benefits and resources that allow us to greatly expand on the benefits of your Sophos solution.

Once installed, Orion’s Managed Security Services team well monitor your systems around the clock. We will make sure that your security stays up-to-date and will make note of any issues that occur.

Contact Orion today to learn more about how our experts can help you make sure your Wi-Fi is secured.

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