7 Deadly IT Sins – Faulty Firewall

In the world of cyber security, the firewall is your gatekeeper. It acts as your first line of defense. It stops unsolicited traffic from accessing your network and only responds to traffic originating from the inside.

Faulty Firewall – The Issues

Faulty_FirewallFirewalls have been used in the IT world to protect business environments for more than 15 years. The list of things that the firewall is responsible for is extensive: Facebook access control, prioritizing bandwidth for corporate applications, blocking port scans, the list goes on.

When they were originally used they were helping protect data that was within the organization’s walls. Unfortunately, today’s workforce is working on the go. From airports, to meetings outside the office, to cybercafés – the data is going everywhere. There is also Cloud Computing to consider, as that data is also not within your physical organization. A faulty firewall can open your organization up to countless threats, each of which could do detrimental damage to your bottom line.

A lack of segmentation is also a major problem with taking advantage of firewall technology. In fact, the Verizon data breach report cited it as a contributing factor in many data breaches.

Don’t get me wrong – modern firewalls are surprisingly equipped to handle these issues. However, if your firewall is not equipped to keep up with threats and bandwidth demands, or is too complex to use effectively, you’re not getting the protection you need.

Faulty Firewall – How Sophos and Orion can Help

Unsure of how to start? Orion and Sophos can help you sure up any weak spot in your faulty firewall, so that you know your organization is protected effectively. Sophos UTM & Next Generation Firewall is a full-featured, and industry-leading UTM that is easy to use. What this means is that you get all-in-one protection including several features you wont get with any other solution. These features include:

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Complete Email Protection
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Dual Antivirus
  • Mobile Network Access Control
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Full Reporting


Orion offers a fully managed security solution that protects every brand in the organization with effective firewalling and intrusion detection. Our award-winning Sophos team can make sure your system is set up properly and your organization is protected. Unlike other managed security solutions, our experts remotely monitor your systems 24/7 to ensure you are protected around the clock.

For a free trial of Sophos UTM & Next-Generation Firewall, Click here.

To learn more about how Orion and Sophos can improve your overall security posture, contact our experts today.

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