7 Deadly IT Sins – Email Encryption

Without a doubt, email is the lifeblood of corporate communication. Yet, it is surprising how many people aren’t aware of the security flaws that could make easily product vulnerabilities within email systems.

Email_EncryptionIn the light of the headline-grabbing security breaches that have occurred in the past few years have put some of this to rest.

So what are the issues associated with securing email?

Email Encryption – The Issues

The problem is that when email was designed over 40 years ago security and integrity of the information messages contained was not in the front of anyone’s mind. While most people access their email through a secure connection, there are no protocols in place to stop it from being intercepted in transit.

Yet, we are in the middle of an email snooping epidemic where anyone with the means and the motive can access your information. And even with all of this information available, emails can still be legally binding and used in a court of law (Naldi v Grunberg, just to name an example).

The question then becomes how do you guarantee Sending email securely comes in to play when

  • The recipient is convinced the email came from you
  • No one except the intended recipient can read the message
  • There is no chance the message could have been tampered with during transit


Phil_ZimmermannPhil Zimmerman outlined these criteria when he published a program called PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) in 1991.

Email encryption solves these problems. What email encryption essentially does is scramble the content of email messages. The recipient of an email will require some sort of to read the email, which will decode the content and allow it to be viewed.

This concept may seem simple enough, but the technology required to support it is a bit more challenging for users who are not extremely technical. Because of this fact, many businesses don’t realize why email encryption is important or how it can be used to protect their business.

Even for the ones who are aware of the vulnerabilities that email possesses, email encryption is not straightforward. Public-key encryption can be difficult and confusing to install within your system. Keeping private keys secure can be tricky to implement successfully as well, especially when trying to access information from multiple devices.

Email Encryption – How Orion and Sophos Can Help

Ensuring proper email security is a multi-faceted project. It several hurdles to be overcome. The first challenge is getting an email encryption standard that doesn’t make you or your employees want to tear your hair out.

Enter Secure PDF eXchange, Sophos’s email encryption technology. This patent-pending technology offers a better alternative to traditional encryption solutions, which are often hard to manage and disruptive to your workflow.

Orion’s award-winning Sophos services will make sure that your encryption solution is working properly. Each of our security solutions is custom-designed around every company’s specific needs. Our experts will work with you to design a security policy that helps you determine how to maintain the delicate balance between risk and security. In addition to encryption, Orion’s security experts will ensure the security of your email client by making sure that updates and patches are properly in place.

Are you interested in learning more about how email encryption can help your company? Click here to contact us.


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