7 Common Mistakes in IT Security Compliance

Businesses today are facing increasing amounts of compliance regulations that are intended to ensure the integrity of technology and systems. Currently, there is no single standard framework that explicitly defines what your organization must do for compliance.

Mistakes_In_IT_Security_ComplianceYet, Compliance is a key driver for deployment of IT security controls. In this blog post, we help you understand the most common mistakes in IT security compliance that we have seen so you can work to avoid them.

Common Mistakes in IT Security Compliance

Decentralized Policy Management

Not providing a centralized approach to how your compliance is managed internally is one of the common mistakes in IT security compliance. Without the ability to look at compliance throughout the entire organization, leadership and board members lose the ability to understand how compliance risks are evolving within their company.

Tactical instead of Strategic Response

A common group of mistakes in IT Security Compliance implementation comes from the knee-jerk responses when C-level executives hear “compliance”. It is common to take a “quantity over quality” approach aimed at keeping the organization compliant. What this leads to is an excessively large number of controls that control well beyond the scope of any particular compliance regulation set. Unfortunately, most technical professionals then become unable to keep up with the various workloads associated with maintaining all of the controls. Make sure that strategic definition of scopes is put in place when enforcing compliance. This will enable controls and staff to be more efficient and effective.

No Pre-Implementation Testing

The ability to purchase compliance-monitoring software has for whatever reason led many to believe no work needs to be done prior to deployment. This is undoubtedly one of the most blatant mistakes in IT security compliance. Testing ANY system should be a requirement before they are implemented on to your network. Make sure that they don’t cause workflow problems or interfere with another solution critical to your core business.

Treating the Audit as a Nuisance

The common attitude towards any kind of audit is that they are a necessary evil. However, this attitude commonly leads to proper precautions only being taken when a compliance audit is occurring. One of the more serious mistakes in IT security compliance, as it leads to huge vulnerabilities. It is common for companies to mistakenly think they can sacrifice an audit here to keep from being troubled, but these mistakes lead to huge penalties.

Poor Training

One of the most common reasons for errors in an organization is due to employee errors. Poor training is one of the more common yet vague mistakes in IT security compliance. Effectively training employees on all security procedures is essential to the success of the program. This is not something that should be rushed through, either. Proper steps should be taken to ensure that custom materials are created, training is conducted, and reviews are thorough. This is critical to ensuring that your employees are capable of enforcing and understanding the various regulatory requirements facing your organization.

Lack of Buy-In

Top executives lacking support leads to mistakes in IT security compliance that easily has consequences across the entire organization. If leadership does not support an initiative, other employees will be less motivated to do their part as well. Support for compliance initiatives must be given a priority that is founded in the leaders of an organization.

Ignoring Hidden Costs of Solutions

Often times hidden costs in solutions like updates and maintenance lead to major mistakes in IT security compliance. If these costs are not built into the budget for the project, the solution can become unmaintained or supported. All compliance regulations require that systems be up-to-date and contain all patches. HIPAA alone has been known to fine $150,000 in penalties due to unpatched software.


There are many common mistakes of IT security compliance. Taking the time to ensure that these mistakes are avoided should be a top priority. If you are unsure about these solutions, contact Orion today to speak with our security experts.

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