7 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

In today’s world, everyone is one the go. Technology has certainly evolved in the past several decades to be able to accommodate this through the creation of tablets, mobile phones, and other devices that can be used away from the home or office. These devices quickly found mainstream adoption, with respondents to one survey stating that 87% of employees are using smartphones, 68% tablets, and 79% laptops. However, mobile device management capabilities have not really kept up in the business world. This is because many business owners don’ t understand the benefits of mobile device management capabilities, and how monitoring these devices can help their organization.

Benefits_of_MDMThere are several specific benefits of mobile device management within organizations, all of which are centered on protecting the integrity of the company network and the data it contains. Let’s take a look at these specific benefits.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management


Regulatory Compliance

For many organizations, adherence to regulatory compliance standards is a necessity for their business. This requires that security not be circumvented on an unauthorized mobile device and that reporting capabilities allow for network integrity to be confirmed. One of the benefits of mobile device management services is that compliance initiatives can be monitored and tracked through a centralized console.

Supports BYOD  

While traditional technology support may shy away from any device that isn’t owned by the company touching the network, BYOD has huge cost savings and productivity benefits. In the past several years, many organizations have begun to loosen their grip on policies around employees using mobile devices to access certain data, such as email and calendars. However, attention does still need to be paid to ensuring that company security is not compromised for the sake of efficiency. Properly managing these devices means that no security will be compromised when these personal devices are being used. 

Remote Management of Users and Devices

Being able to manage users and their devices remotely are huge benefits of mobile device management. By remotely monitoring and managing your mobile devices, you can guarantee the security and health of all mobile devices connected to your network 24/7. Additionally, having remote control over mobile devices provides the ability to remotely disconnect or disable any unauthorized users or applications.

Controlled Device Updates

As with most technology management, making sure that all systems are up-to-date and patched is a vital component of security. One of the benefits of mobile device management, especially when outsourced to a managed security services provider, is that these updates can be centrally controlled and audited. This not only protects your devices and data, but is also a requirement for government compliance regulations, such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI. 

Application Control

Any applications that are necessary in order for your workforce to remain productive on their mobile devices also needs to be controlled and regulated. Mobile device management provides centralized control to allow for users to install these applications on their devices. The centralization of mobile device management provides for several additional benefits such as role-based access management and the ability to remove or disable an application if a business process changes.

Security Policy Enforcement

Another one of the benefits of mobile device management is that the same security procedures and protocols that are in place for your organization will be able to extend to protect the mobile devices on your network in addition to the static ones. This means things such as identity management, password regulations, access limitations, and blacklists will all carry across to mobile devices, so no loop in security protocols will be created.

Automated Device Registration

Mobile device management solutions are usually equipped to be able to support new device registration automatically. For many, the user or owner of a specific device can be sent and email that will allow them to register the device and then gain access to their various programs and applications that they need. This removes the need to pass around a protected key that would cause serious disruption if it was misplaced or even fell into the wrong hands. It also removes the IT department from the responsibility of having to manually set up every device when one of the employees gets a new phone or tablet and wants to check their email.

Provide for Data Backup & Restore of Corporate Data

When a device is connected to a mobile device management solution, data that is connected to one of the corporate applications will automatically be backed up in accordance with the company’s traditional backup policies. This supports business continuity measures through alleviating mobile devices from being a single point of failure for information loss.

All in all the benefits of mobile device management allow you to be able to accept mobile devices, and the increased worker productivity they provide, into your organization without worrying about whether or not you are compromising your data or security.

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